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The NewByte miniAHRS system is an AHRS (Attitude, Heading Reference System) based on commercial grade sensors and is intended to provide position, attitude and heading data combined with the option to perform basic control logics and issue real time servo commands. The system includes a logging device for off line analysis and a wireless communication device for online telemetry communication.

miniAHRSThe NewByte miniAHRS uses state of the art high quality and low priced 3D MEMS rate gyros, accelerometers and magnetometers to provide pitch, roll and heading estimations. The system uses complementary filter to merge all available data and provides the best attainable approximation within systems limits and capabilities. If GPS signal is available, attitude data is further improved by eliminating the influence of long term accelerations on mathematical erection of the virtual vertical gyro. The GPS provided position and velocity data are being combined with accelerometer measurements for improving high speed location dynamics and reducing inherent GPS latency.

The FCS part can perform fast close loop logics referring the above data and can issue servo commands at a standard 20 ms rate. The system can be controlled through the Bluetooth wireless link or perform preprogrammed commands loaded a priory on the included microSD drive.

NewByte miniAHRS Applications:

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