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To download full featured demonstration versions of our software please use the following links:

Aircraft six degrees of freedom flight dynamics:  Sdf ver 2.18.1543  SDF icon (includes a fictional UAV database).

Aircraft three degrees of freedom flight performance:  Tdf ver 2.11.285  TDF icon (includes a fictional fighter database).

Simulation output plotting software: Spl ver 3.8.779  SPL icon (includes a demo data file).

Atmospheric Calculator: AtmosCalculator ver 1.3.3  Atmos icon (Requires .Net runtime library).

Communication utility for the Microsoft's Flight Simulator® 2004:  Net.exe .

After downloading the zip files, please unzip them to a temporary folder and run Setup.exe.

To access the software shortcuts please press Start> All Programs> NewByte.

If you have a previous version, please uninstall it beforehand. Last update - 2-Mar-2017.

To receive notifications regarding updates, new features etc, please send an email to

   Professional Users Only !

For Commercial/Military/Academic users only: If you wish to try using your own aircraft database, please contact us at You'll receive a time limited, simplified SDK, that will enable the input of your own Engine, Aerodynamics, Configuration, Flight Control Systems data.

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