Our Software Products.

Our software suit consists of two main applications:

SDF - Six degrees of freedom, quaternion based, dynamic flight simulation software, capable of using full aerodynamic databases and original flight control logic code. This software is primly used for developing and debugging in plane flight control code, both on engineers' PCs and full scale continuous hardware in the loop hybrid simulators.

The software has a plug in capable of using Microsoft's Flight Simulator® as a slave, real time, 3D world display engine.

TDF - Three degrees of freedom flight performance software capable of calculating point and integral aircraft performance characteristics. The software is being used in the initial sizing and design stages, final publishing of the pilot's hand book performance chapters and designing real life complex missions. Tdf can be used for performing complex iterative mission optimization, point performance and aircraft flight envelopes maps.

Another sub product is SPL - graphics software capable of displaying simulation and real life telemetry data, especially useful when the huge data files cannot be plotted by  commercial tools like Matlab®.

Our mature tools have been developed using Microsoft's VB as the GUI front-end and Microsoft's VC and Compaq Fortran as the calculating engine dll. This structure enable our customers to develop their own confidential, custom tailored application, using our standard tools at the background.

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